What is VitaJing Herbs?

[Vita = Life] [Jing = Essence]

VitaJing Herbs in simply the essence of life. Without essence there is no life. Our goal is to thrive as a species and enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer, rather than just survive life. Life is so much better when you have energy and vitality, this can be achieved with the right diet, mind set, herbs and superfoods.

VitaJing Herbs offers only a select few elite Chinese herbal formulations and superfoods and this is because we focus on only the best stuff. Each supplement has been carefully selected for the most potency and purity.

The beauty of VitaJing is that we have narrowed it down to just that, ONLY products that will work! Any product we sell is something that WE use ourselves and that has been tested to work.

We have dedicated our conscious lives to learning and practising all there is to achieving optimal health, with plenty of trial and error. Through this journey we have tried endless amounts of supplements and therapies in an effort to personally find out what REALLY works.

All our products have a long history of use in Ancient Chinese Medicine. With VitaJing itself being the premier restorative energy boosting whole food supplement.

See why ordering from us is an easy and excellent decision!

It’s our passion and mission to find the best herbs and superfoods and want to share them with the world.

Why Buy VitaJing Herbs?

  • 100% Natural-Hybrid Herbs manufacture Tonic Herbs to the Highest Quality, and always in accordance with the historical use of these wonderful herbs.
  • Non-GMO- Our products are NEVER exposed to toxic chemicals or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Our herbs always remain as nature intended, to deliver you the maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Sustainability-Our products are always manufactured with the utmost care for the protection of the environment. From our packaging, to the final product, we strive to ensure everything we do is ethical.

Our Facility

We produce all our herbs in a FDA, GMP, ISO, HACCP, Halal, Kosher Approved Facility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Chinese tonic herbs. We are dedicated to helping men and women, and truly want everyone to experience amazing health.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where people use superfoods and herbs to make themselves feel better, instead of choosing addictive poisons and drugs. We imagine this world and know one day it will arrive.

A Work In Progress

We are 100% committed to making a pure food with only a positive impact on the planet. We have come a long way but we are not perfect. None of us are, and so the purpose is not to achieve perfection, but to strive for it.

We hope you’ll give yourself a chance for true health.